The Bridge to Nowhere?

A couple of nights ago I had a dream that left me feeling confused and a little anxious. I dreamed that a bridge was being built. It appeared more like a rollercoaster, but you would drive the bridge by car. The bridge was intended to go to an otherwise unreachable location in the Kentucky Mountains. Anyway, I am driving on the bridge, and I suddenly realize that it is unfinished. “Oh my,” I think, “How is this going to work?” Here is my rendition of the dream:

My Dream

I often have trouble remembering my dreams, but this one stayed with me. I decided to map out my dream using The Haden Institute method. There are a total of 12 steps to mapping dreams using this method. You start by first describing the setting, identifying the stages of the dream, and then marking the feelings in the dream. The next step is to label the highest energy (labeled “E” here) in the dream. This was my first ah-ha, because I realized that the high energy area of my dream was the “unreachable” aspect.

The next insight came when I looked at the tension (labeled “T” here), or the opposites: the desire to go somewhere and the inability to get there. The only person who can accurately interpret the dream is the dreamer, and because of this reality, I typically will not consult a dream dictionary. I did this time though, because I felt like I needed more information about that unfinished bridge. A Dictionary of Symbols by Cirlot is a frequently referenced book for understanding the symbolism in both dreams and art, so this is the one that I used. This is what I got for possible meanings of the bridge: bridging two separate worlds, a covenant between the Creator and his people, the union of heaven and earth, and a link between what can be perceived and what is beyond perception.

After mapping the dream and still feeling a little perplexed, I consulted the I-Ching (Book of Changes) which is an ancient Eastern oracle. The book is over 3000 years old, and is one of the oldest forms of divination. I have found it quite accurate and helpful for increasing my awareness and understanding of synchronistic events. The I-Ching offered “Reception” as an answer to my question about moving forward.

By looking further into my dream and then consulting the I-Ching, I realize that maybe I am working a bit too hard, trying to make things happen. So I decide to step back and listen. Now, here I am, waiting to receive what the world has to offer. By paying attention to my dreams and the synchronistic events in my life, I find that I feel more confident and trusting of all that is. Although the bridge remains unfinished and my destination appears unreachable, if I continue to remain receptive I feel certain that this will all make sense very soon. I’ll keep you posted…. And if you have any insights, then I am ready to receive.

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  1. Ava says:

    I myself had a dream quite like this, except i had a passanger, i knew i could stop but i didnt want to, i wanted to turn around or keep going but not stop moving. I woke up as i fell off the end.

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