Inspiring Things #6: Following Through and a Prayer

Sometimes a good idea is just a good idea. Sometimes the purpose of a good idea is to get us thinking, feeling or moving again. I thought about this momentarily after posting “Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams”. With that said, sometimes a Good Idea is meant to Happen! But fear still gets in our way doesn’t it? Marsha Linehan, an inspiring human being, and the creator of Dialectical Behavior Therapy teaches this in regard to fear: Approach rather than avoid. In my practice as an art therapist I have taught this skill to many people, and it really does work. So do what you are afraid of. And here is a prayer to help:

 I want peacefulness.

Angels wrap me in your love so that I may live in peace.

 Even when there is disease, despair, anger, fear and discouragement around me,

May I live in peace. 

May my heart be open even when I am vulnerable.

So be it.

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