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Inspiring Things: Angels Watching Over Me

I’ve never been much enamored of the idea of angels. As a child, I certainly didn’t mind their presence in stories, especially in the Bible. The Christmas story wouldn’t be the same without the angel Gabriel. Still, I couldn’t much … Continue reading

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Creative Endeavors: Soup for the Soul

For most of my life, I have made decisions based a great deal on outside influences.  I don’t think this is bad—I have accomplished lots of cool things, seen and lived in some great places, and met some really interesting … Continue reading

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Dream of the Week: Intuitive Guidance

When I have a big event at work, I often dream about it in advance and almost always again the night before the actual occasion. My dreams are filled with anxiety-producing scenarios and stereotypical images: no one shows up, I’ve … Continue reading

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Some Things are Better Left Said

One of my fondest memories growing up was riding home from USC football games listening to the postgame show. My dad and his friends (slightly tipsy) would rant and rave at the host while I sat in the very back … Continue reading

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Mindful Monday: Following Your Intuition, Listening to Inspiration

This week’s theme is about following your intuition and listening to the voice of inspiration that lies within. Here are a few quotes to help direct your focus: The only real valuable thing is inuition. Albert Eistein If the single man (ahem, … Continue reading

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