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Upcoming Workshop to be Featured on WIS-TV News 10 in Columbia

The upcoming Create MORE women’s workshop will be featured this coming Thursday, August 25 on WIS-TV News 10 in Columbia.  The “Create MORE of Who You Already Are” workshops are an experiential series of workshops outlining the essentials in creating the life you … Continue reading

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Inspiring Things #6: Following Through and a Prayer

Sometimes a good idea is just a good idea. Sometimes the purpose of a good idea is to get us thinking, feeling or moving again. I thought about this momentarily after posting “Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams”. … Continue reading

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Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.

It’s a New Year. I’ve just spent some time looking at other blogs, and a theme that I have noticed this year seems to be “no resolutions”.  While I can appreciate the intent behind this revolt, you won’t hear that … Continue reading

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What is Mindfulness? Ten Ways to Practice Mindfulness Today

Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment. It is being fully present in your life. Being mindful requires connection to reality through your senses. It is difficult to remain mindful with constant stimulation pulling us out of the present moment. … Continue reading

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Judgment Begets Emotion

Do your emotions ever feel a bit like a rollercoaster? Where do these out of control emotions come from? And can you learn to manage those emotions? Occasionally or perhaps (more honestly) daily, my emotions will escalate without warning. I … Continue reading

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